Wednesday 11 October 2023

Folder Server v1.2.7 PAID APK

Folder Server v1.2.7 PAID APK


Access folder via WiFi / HTTP. Easy file transfer. Access in any device browser

Select a folder, then access it via HTTP from any device.
App. gives access only to the selected folder and subdirectories.
The folder is accessible via web browser. The access link is displayed in the app. when the server is started.

This is HTTP Server, NOT FTP.
The two devices must be in the same WiFi network.
Also works with WiFi Hotspot.

- download file
- upload file
- delete file
- create new folder
- delete folder (must be empty)
- links mode selection: download / navigate
- download all as zip

App uses plain HTTP which is NOT encrypted. App is intended for personal use on private network. Please do not share / transfer sensitive content via public network, as it may be accessed by anyone on that network.

• Paid Patched .